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Pre-Export Isolation - The horse(s) will be held in pre-export isolation for at least 30 days prior to departure at an isolation premises approved by AQIS.

Tests - Prior to entering quarantine the horse(s) should be tested for the following diseases with negative results:

  • Equine Infectious Anaemia (EIA)
  • Hendra Virus
  • Equine Rhinopneuminitis - Two tests at an interval of 14 days
  • Equine Viral Arteritis (EVA) - Two tests at an interval of 14 days

During the quarantine period the horse(s) to be exported shall be treated against Leptospirosos with two injections of dihydrostreptomycin at an interval of 14 days.

Horse(s) for export must be vaccinated for Japanese Encephalitis using an inactivated vaccine during the quarantine period.

New Zealand Bloodstock Airfreight recommends pregnant mares do not travel in their last trimester.

New Zealand Bloodstock Airfreight can offer a service to China, please contact us for more information or enquire about a booking now.

Contact: Steven Seabrook or Greg Northcott

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